About Us

Digital Solution

With so many companies vying for the gold, choosing the ideal company that offers IT solutions and guidance can be tricky. This is why we are here to prove our merit to you so that you can put your dilemma to rest. Digital Solution understands the importance of quality services and endeavor for optimum customer satisfaction.

Our History

Digital Solution is an ace among the sea of IT solution providers. We are recognized as a paramount IT solutions expert that adeptly deals with IT, Network and Telecom software, installation and consulting solutions. We are based at the heart of Ahmedabad, but our wings of passion are spread high and wide in the global market.

DiS (Digital Solution) was formulated back in 2005 with the sole agenda of establishing an enterprise that offers impeccable quality and reliability to their potential market with their high-end IT solutions and service. We let our passion guide us through each milestone that we set. With a team of skilled, well-informed and experienced experts, we have carved a subsequent position in this horde.

Our clients are spread across India, U.S, ASEAN, and ANZ countries. We pride in our accomplishments and constantly strive to turn our acquaintances into loyal customers. We provide our customers with reliable, economical and unsurpassed software and system installation solutions. Our customer base encompasses enterprises from different segments like Healthcare, Hospital Management, Telecom industry and a broad spectrum of other such establishments.


We aspire to go beyond just assimilating IT solutions and offer client’s customized services and solutions that exceed their expectations. We aim to integrate our best resources to facilitate our client’s growth.


To be the most sought after name in the IT industry known for our competence and aptitude.

Core Values

  • > Innovation
  • > Flawless Execution
  • > Nurturing Trust
  • > Delivering Commitments
  • > Reliable Assistance


DiS offers a range of services and products that can be customized based on the customer’s requirement and business model. Our services cover the whole system of installation, integration, implementation, management and after-support. Let’s have a look at an inventory of all the services that we offer

Networking Services

Digital solution is an expert in Networking Services. We provide the best WAN or LAN networking installation and configuration support, troubleshooting of network devices to our clients at the best. We make sure every time that our services are at its best as we don’t want to lose our reputation in the industry. Our switches and routers configuration service connects your business beyond time. We believe in picking only the best switches and routers for error and tension free business, and so we choose Cisco, HP, Nortel, Huawei, and Juniper models and systems for all types of businesses and needs.

We also provide network management services that will let your networks remain simply the best forever. We upgrade with the latest technologies in networking every time and that makes us specialists in the industry.

Our Network Health Check services will let your network get rid of any issues immediately. Thus we ensure uninterrupted business connectivity to our clients and through our networking services; we offer a great support to our client’s business always.

Telecom Services

The Digital solution has the best team of specialists in the telecom services. We offer the incomparable telecom services to our clients to make their business meet the latest trends in their industries. Our Telecom services include RF and core installation; our radio frequency installation will let our clients connected with the business without any pause anytime. We at the digital solution makes sure that the telecom services offered to our clients are always the best and we offer a great support to you through all our services. We are always the best at digital and IT solution, especially when it comes to telecom system & services. We provide 2g migration ,3g and 4g installation.

Web Application

We, at Digital Solution, know well that what impact does a web application creates on a business. Today’s world makes sure that a web application is must for any business to be successful. But it is also important that the web application should be unique one to attract more customers. Our team of developers at Digital solution will develop the best web application for your business and will let your business be a great success. We have experts in various platforms to develop the web applications. Our experts will work on unique ideas always to bring the best for our clients.

Our web development services will let your business be a great success. We also manage your websites and will SEO your sites so that the customers find your site every time when they are looking for something related to your services and solutions. We will find the customers for your business through our web research services and will let your business reach beyond boundaries.

Mobile Application

World has shrink into palms today. Hence a business being at the desktops cannot make many changes. It is important to reach the customer’s palms to become successful. The mobile applications are the best way to reach the palms of customers. Instant access anytime anywhere to your business is the best option available for the success of your business. We at the digital solution have some great experts in mobile application development. We develop the best mobile application for your business and we make sure that our mobile apps are user friendly. By this way, our support to your business was extended to the palms of your customers.

We are specialist in database management also and hence we manage all your customer details by getting them registered through the mobile applications. We also provide mobile application management services to our clients and hence any customizations in the future will be made easy.

Data Processing and Analytics

We provide wide range of solutions for all your data related requirements. Whether it is Data processing or the on-line/off-line data and image entry or a simple data conversion, Digital Solution will always bring the best to our clients. We can convert the data provided by the users into web contents by converting it into image and then into web or simply from web to web. We are specialists in providing high quality, risk free, time bounded IT services to our clients. We simply convert your raw data into useful information at the best way possible.

Our dedicated team of IT people work or your requirements and brings the best result in a very short span of time. With our web research services, we can identify your customers and we let your business a great support through our incomparable IT services.

Our motto is a touch of perfection.

Quality & Performance

Quality and performance are the kingpins that define Digital Solution. Our sole aim is to deliver a quality software solution that takes innovation and excellence to a whole new level. Our IT team integrates the best comprehensive custom software solutions helpful for best system installation and implementation for enterprise clients who are seeking reliable, secure and performance-based service.

Discuss & Brainstorm

We discuss all the nitty-gritties of your system and IT requirements and based on your requirements we come up with the ideal solution. Our team of experts brainstorms on all the plausible avenues and formulate the ideal course. We are a team of driven individuals who have a passion for solving the most complex of IT and software issues and thrives on challenges.

In this stage, we learn and understand the requirements of your business and your practices. We study your competition to ensure that your company has only the best and most comprehensive IT solutions.

Development and Quality Assurance

Now that we have decided on the ideal solution for your business, DiS will go ahead and work on the system integration and implementation. From the basic installation to the execution and management, we go all the way to provide you with the best system support. Once we are satisfied with our work, the final system is up for your company’s utilization. There is no compromise whatsoever on the quality of our services.

Maintenance and Support

We believe in building a relationship with our clients and offer assistance even after integration of the system. Our team at DiS is always keen on providing any kind of assistance that they can to strengthen our ties further. We make sure to conduct follow-up and assist with any technical issues that might arise post implementation.

Why Choose Us

DiS is erected on a foundation of trust, quality, innovation and flawless execution. Our growing clientele is a testimony to our zeal, will for precision. We take effort to evaluate your business and your target audience to present you with the best services and solutions. Our expertise and high-end tools and services are supreme. We pride ourselves on being able to offer cost-effective IT solutions that are performance oriented.

Our resulted oriented approach and efficiency in delivering results is what sets us apart from other companies. We have a wealth of extremely talented employees who work in unison to build the best IT solutions for companies around the world. Technology is an extremely potent force, and we at Digital Solution know exactly how to use it to our benefit.

Sustainable System is Door to Progressive Future.